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endovenous ablationTreatments for varicose veins and their associated conditions have existed in one form or another for hundreds of years. The original treatments for varicose veins consisted of vein stripping, or surgical vein removal, similar to the procedure of microphlebectomy today. Because this process can be painful and usually results in a lengthy and somewhat uncomfortable recovery, alternatives were understandably sought by vascular professionals. One such alternative is endovenous ablation therapy, which has only existed for roughly the last fifteen years, but which is already changing the field of vascular medicine.

Endovenous ablation therapy comes in two forms, laser and radio-frequency. Although the forms that are applied differ, both the laser and radio-frequency technique are used in order to apply intense amounts of heat to problems veins. This is done when a small catheter is inserted and directed towards the incompetent vein, a process which requires a local anesthetic and which is virtually painless. After the catheter is withdrawn, the problem vein is closed off and immediately beings shrinking.

Endovenous ablation therapy is capable of producing the same results as microphlebectomy, but is highly desirable over the latter for most patients with varicose veins. While endovenous ablation therapy can be more expensive than other procedures that produce similar results, patients often find that they end up saving money in the long run, because repeat procedures are rarely necessary. Patients who undergo endovenous ablation therapy experience a 97% success rate, and are left with little to no visible scarring. Better yet, the procedure takes less than an hour to perform, and patients are able to return to their normal activities within a couple of days.

For patients with varicose veins who are looking for a minimally invasive solution that will interfere as little as possible with their daily lives, endovenous ablation therapy is truly the ideal solution. While most patients would choose endovenous ablation therapy over other methods, not every patient will qualify. Endovenous ablation therapy is best performed on small, straight varicose veins, and is more difficult to perform on large, twisted varicose veins. It is always a good idea to express your concerns and preferences with your doctor, and together you can determine the best option for your veins.

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