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unhappygirlWhile it is certainly true that varicose veins become more common with age and are especially common in women past their child-bearing years, this does not mean that they cannot occur in the young. Most doctors’ offices and vein centers, especially in Southwest Florida, will note that the majority of their patients treated for varicose veins are above the age of fifty, however, it is not entirely uncommon to see patients in their teens and even pre-teens. Furthermore, when varicose veins do occur in the young, they are no more likely to occur in either gender even though women are more at risk later in life.

Unfortunately, because so many people believe that varicose veins only occur in old age, those young people who do develop them are often slow to recognize them for what they actually are. For this reason, they may not seek treatment initially and will oftentimes wait until the varicose veins become too uncomfortable to ignore. Varicose veins will never go away on their own, however, and only worsen over time. Fortunately, for a person who develops them at such a young age, while unsightly, it can be a helpful wake-up call for those wanting to get their heath on track early on.

When varicose veins do occur in teenagers, and even in pre-teens, it is likely due to a genetic abnormality more than any factors that were within the patient’s control. Essentially, if a child or teenager develops varicose veins it is likely because one or both of their parents suffers or suffered from them as well. Fortunately, the serious complications that occur sometimes as a result of varicose veins in adults, such as blood clots from deep vein thrombosis, are far less likely to occur in young people who have varicose veins. Unfortunately, what this often means is that treatment for varicose veins in young people is not always covered by insurance, as it is considered more of a cosmetic concern than a serious medical condition.

If you or someone you love has been afflicted with varicose veins at a young age, action can be taken immediately to ensure that they never develop into a more serious condition later on. For these people, maintaining a healthy weight and diet, staying active and exercising frequently, wearing loose and non-restrictive clothing, and never taking up the smoking of cigarettes can ensure that varicose veins are kept under control and do not become a major problem later in life. Finding out one has varicose veins is never easy to hear at any age, but can be helpful towards addressing and improving one’s overall health in the long run.

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