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Closeup On Tummy Of Pregnant WomanIs your pregnancy bringing unwanted varicose veins?

You’ll always remember your first pregnancy, but let’s make sure you remember it for the right reasons. With pregnancy comes the heightened risk of venous distention and blood clots, both of which lead to varicose veins and venous insufficiency. Roughly 30 percent of women experience venous insufficiency during their first pregnancy, and with each following pregnancy comes a greater chance of developing vein diseases.

Pregnant or not, hormonal changes play a significant role in a woman’s chance of venous insufficiency. Females are already at a higher risk of venous insufficiency than men, but pregnancy brings that risk to an even greater level. Multiple theories exist about why pregnancy causes venous insufficiency. One theory relates to the drastic hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy while another addresses the pressure applied to the veins by a heavier uterus.

Prevention during pregnancy

Though you can’t fully prevent venous insufficiency during pregnancy, you can certainly take preventative measures. Wearing compression stockings is one of the most effective methods to combat varicose veins during pregnancy. Maternal stockings will put adequate pressure on the blood, sending it flowing to the right places. There are also lotions available that are specific to varicose veins. For an all-natural treatment, try massaging olive and grapeseed oils onto the affected area. Both oils work to stabilize blood flow.

Remember that more permanent, invasive treatments are available after pregnancy. Do not pursue venous surgery during pregnancy as it can put your baby at risk.

Removal after pregnancy

Following your pregnancy, you may want to consider a more effective treatment for your varicose veins. Wait about three months after giving birth to seek vein treatment. At this time, you can choose from various slightly invasive surgeries like endovenous ablation, microphlebectomy or sclerotherapy. All of these require little to no recovery time so you’ll be chasing after your little one in no time.

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