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spider veinsOnly old people get spider veins, right? Wrong! Although most young people never think about these spider-like blueish veins popping up on their skin, they CAN get them; In fact, anyone can.

Well, why can anyone get them? There are many reasons why any person, of any age or gender, can get spider veins, but first it’s good to fully understand what spider veins are exactly.

Spider veins, also known as telangiectasias or sunburst varicosities, are small, thin veins that lie close to the surface of the skin. These veins are not an essential part of the larger venous system, but they still are connected to it. Unlike varicose veins, spider veins are small, do not bulge, and are less likely to cause pain or any serious vein disorders.

There are actually quite a few ways a person, including a younger person, can form spider veins. The spider veins emerge from increase pressure on the veins. Common reasons for spider veins, include: heredity, pregnancy, hormonal shifts, weight gain, prolonged sitting or standing, and certain medications. All of these things listed cause pressure on the veins; as a person becomes older, it becomes even easier for spider veins to emerge from the pressure because the venous walls are weaker.

Even the healthiest, most active, younger person can have spider veins pop up.  For example, a runner could develop them on their legs, especially behind the knees, because when the legs take a pounding to the pavement, the vascular system is under stress and extra pressure. This extra pressure makes veins expand.

For those who have a genetic history of spider veins in their family, there is a good chance they will develop the unsightly, fine veins despite all preventative efforts.

Although spider veins are considered “ugly,” they are, for the most part, not dangerous. So if you see them pop up on you, there is generally no need to worry. To be safe, it’s best to show them to your doctor just to make sure and verify what they are and what may have caused them. Some rare genetic conditions can cause spider veins, and you want rule out that you don’t have anything harmful going on in your body.

Since they won’t harm you for the most part, you can live normally with spider veins; however, many people hate the sight of them and seek out treatment, which is common. Sclerotherapy sessions help the veins appear lighter; two or more sessions are usually needed for desired results. However, for those who have spider veins, they will most likely come back, and be a life-long battle. The body continues to produce them, unfortunately. Also, vein treatments for spider veins only treat currently visible spider veins, it does not prevent future occurrences.

Overall, don’t fret! For the most part, spider veins aren’t a health risk for a young person, just blueish, purple branch-like patterns on the body. However, if you’re tired of seeing them on your legs, Dr. Zuzga of West Florida Vein Center can treat them for you. To schedule a consult with the vein doctor, call 727-712-3233 or click here.

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