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WalkingOne of the main issues that causes varicose veins is the inability for your circulatory system to pump the blood through them correctly any longer due to damaged valves inside of the veins.  The natural movements made during exercise such as walking and swimming naturally help to force the blood through and back up towards the heart.


The combination of the blood traveling in the correct direction and the act of working out creating more, stronger muscle both can help to support the veins making it easier for them to function properly.


What exercises are recommended?


Walking is the #1 best exercise to boost vein health. Walking is a great way to help maintain a healthy weight, which also helps keep your veins in check. Make sure to wear good supportive walking shoes and start out slowly, building up endurance.


Swimming is a great second option if walking doesn’t fit your lifestyle or is too painful. This non-weight bearing exercise is just as good as walking without the stress on the joints.


Bicycling also increases circulation in your legs, stationary or mobile, either are great options.


Calf Raises – strengthening the calf muscles is vital to keeping veins healthy. Calf raises are one of the best ways. To do a calf raise: stand flat footed and slowly raise your body up just on your toes. Hold it for a few seconds and then bring your heels back to the ground. Repeat daily increasing repetitions. As it gets easier, add weight or do one leg at a time.


Stretching Warm Up / Cool Down – When you begin or finish any exercise, stretching is very important. It can prevent injury.

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