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blood clot

blood clotIf you are even asking yourself this question, please read on. If you do have a clot it is important to get medical help as soon as possible.

Blood clots can be distinguished from other venous issues a number of ways. The first and most telling is that the exaggerated symptoms will happen in only one limb, usually a leg or hip area. While the clot itself cannot hurt you, the danger is that it could break loose and work its way through your veins up to the heart, lungs or brain.


What a blood clot feels like:

–  You may experience pain that is similar to a charley horse where it feels like your muscles are knotting up.


  • Your leg swells. If elevation or ice will not reduce and bring down the swelling it is very likely a blood clot.


  •   The leg may feel warmer and warmer as the clot gets bigger while the cut-off area of circulation will turn reddish or even bluish and cold. If it is blue and cold there is no circulation getting to that area.


  •   If the pain is worse with exercise but relieved with rest it is likely not a deep vein thrombosis. Exercise won’t make a difference when it is a clot.


What can happen if you leave a potential blood clot unchecked?

If a blood clot breaks loose from its original position and makes its way to –


  • The heart – it could cause a heart attack (may feel like a large weight on your chest. It may also radiate to the left part of your shoulder, arm or jaw. If you are sweating a lot or have a feeling like indigestion along with chest pain this can indicate heart attack or angina)


  • The Lungs – It could cause a pulmonary embolism (PE will feel like sharp pains that worsen with every breath)


  •   Abdomen –  Mesentric venous thrombosis. A clot in the abdomen can stop circulation to the intestine and cause internal damage. Symptoms can include bloating and vomiting. If the pain gets worse over time or after eating it could be a clot.


  •   Brain – A clot that travels to the brain can cause a stroke. Knowing the signs of stroke can save your life.
  1.  Inability to think clearly
  2. vision issues
  3. difficulty speaking clearly and using wrong words
  4. weakness on one side of the body
  5. numbness on one side of the body
  6. if you smile and only half of your mouth goes upwards

If you suspect a blood clot please contact your doctor or ER department as soon as possible. For more information on vein issues please contact West Florida Vein Center, Tampa’s leading vein treatment center, for a consultation. They can be reached by calling 727-712-3233 or going to




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