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varicose veins

varicose veins

We often look to our parents to see what our future health outlook might be. What if your parent has varicose veins, does it mean that you are likely to as well?

When DNA profiles were analyzed those who end up with varicose veins seems to be those that inherited a genetic mutation known as the Fox C2 Gene mutation.

There are 50 known Fox genes within the human genome currently and possibly more to be discovered. In people with the Fox C2 mutation, the RN’ase instruction set is incomplete which causes weakness. Over time this weaker version will begin to break down, fail and deteriorate.  Symptoms can often include pain, leg swelling, heaviness and discoloration leading to spider or varicose veins. So far there is no correction for this genetically. Medical treatment is very likely to be required once symptoms begin to present themselves.

Do I have the Fox C2 gene mutation?

A parent with varicose veins is only an indicator and does not mean that you have the Fox C2 gene. The only way to know for sure is to have your DNA tested. Both male and female children may carry it. It is also quite possible, even likely, that it can lie dormant and not present itself, seemingly skipping a generation.

What if I do test positive for the Fox C2 gene?

There are things you can do proactively to help prevent vein issues.

  1. Exercise and stay fit
  2. Wear flat shoes
  3. Consider compression stockings
  4. Do not sit cross-legged
  5. Elevate your feet and legs at days end
  6. Stay hydrated

While genetics play an important role in whether or not you will develop varicose veins, life and health decisions can either support or hurt your vein health.

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