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spider veinsThink again. Vein issues can have an effect on numerous parts of the body besides the legs.

1.     Veins on your arms and hands

These are mainly a cosmetic issue that comes to light as we age due to losing body fat and collagen stores.

2.     Veins around your eyes

In some cases, laser can be used to close the protruding or discolored veins. Surgical procedures may also be implemented.

3.     Red veins on your face

Veins showing up on your face can be distressing. They are often referred to as broken capillaries. It presents as small purple or red wiggly lines. While rarely a medical issue many choose to treat due to visual preference. Facial surface veins can be treated with intense pulsed light or laser depending on the size and distribution of the veins.

 4.     Veins on the cleavage and breast area

The appearance of these types of veins can leave women feeling very self-conscious. Bulging blue or greenish colored veins can develop for a number of reasons but are prominent following breast implant surgery.

Phlebectomy (surgical removal of the veins) has shown to be very effective.

5.     Anal Veins

Hemorrhoids (swollen anal veins) are very treatable through several different surgical procedures. The best treatment plan will be chosen for you by your doctor.

6.     Vaginal and vulva veins

These generally stem from an underlying condition of pelvic or ovarian vein reflux during pregnancy. So far there is no medically approved treatment for these veins. There is a treatment waiting to be approved – Coil Embolism.


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