Think you have Venous Insufficiency? Don’t ignore the signs.

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We never want to think about the possibility of not being healthy. Because of this sometimes when symptoms begin to present themselves, we gloss over them and ignore rather than give them the attention they need.


The problem with this tactic is that in the case of varicose veins, over time, can and likely will worsen and even possibly lead to complications.


Aching legs, swelling, and pain, skin changes, even ulcers can develop and are associated with venous reflux which stems from vein disease.


Possible complications:


Cellulitis – cellulitis is a bacterial infection of both the superficial and deeper layers of the skin. The growth is made encouraged by poor blood flow in the legs and feet.


Stasis dermatitis –  a skin inflammation caused by damage to the veins which reduces the flow of blood out of the legs. Stasis dermatitis looks like a rash which may be red, violet or even brown. The lack of blood flow decreased the skin’s ability to heal.


Skin Ulcer – This is the most complicated issue associated with venous insufficiency. An ulcer can start with even just the smallest skin trauma and end in long term skin break down. Ulcers are red, swollen, tender to the touch and most often occur on the inner part of the ankle. They are very difficult to heal.


The best answer is to avoid these complications altogether. If you notice that your legs or feet are overly tired, red, inflamed, swollen, ache or your veins are becoming visible, bumpy or twisted please make an appointment to visit our Vein Specialists here at West Florida Vein Center.


Visit or call 727-712-3233 our Vein Specialists look forward to being a part of your healing journey.

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