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VeinAs we age our bodies slowly start to change. Creases and wrinkles may appear, skin loosens, our hair may gray. But what about visible veins? Many may consider it as well a badge of aging, but the truth is that spider veins and varicose veins are not simply normal effects of time. They are the result of venous insufficiency. Vein Disease.

Varicose and spider veins are not an aesthetic issue, they are the result of an underlying physical problem. When vein walls become weak in certain spots it can cause stretching, twisting and even pooling of blood while it is trying to travel both to and from the heart in the normal circulatory process. This not only causes unsightly purplish-blue raised veins which can be embarrassing and make you want to cover them, but they can also cause a whole host of physical discomfort issues.

The discomfort that comes from damaged veins can range from:




Itchy legs


Twisted visible veins

Clusters of small spider web looking veins (spider veins)

Feeling of heavy legs when walking or still

The truth is you are not just being vain if you are considering treatment for varicose or spider veins. You are being proactive in protecting your own health.

Left untreated the above symptoms can and do progress to an advanced state where leg ulcers may form eating away the flesh making them very difficult to treat and heal or you may form blood clots known as DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis. Blood clots may cut off circulation to a foot, hand, leg or other body part leaving it susceptible to permanent damage and even amputation.

Blood clots can be incredibly dangerous. If the clot itself breaks free, it can travel intravenously and if it reaches the heart, lungs, or brain may cause heart attack, pulmonary embolism or stroke which can be fatal.

It is important to have all possible vein issues checked by a Vein Specialist. For a vein specialist referral, or for more information on vein disorders and treatments, visit or call the West Florida Vein Center by dialing 727-712-3233.

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