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Leg pain

Leg painDo you experience aching, throbbing, painful legs? Itching sensations, Restless legs as you try and fall asleep? Even if visually inspecting your legs you see nothing out of the ordinary you may be experiencing the potential onset of venous insufficiency.

When left undiagnosed and untreated it can progress to spider veins on the surface of the skin (tiny purple to blue or red web-like veins which are present just under the top layer of skin) or even damage to the deeper leg veins causing varicose veins (deep large leg veins in which blood begins to pool, build up and twist the vein itself) causing unsightly large tangled pronounced lines throughout your upper and or lower legs.

Over time, swelling and edema, deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) and even ulcerations can form due to poor circulation. While home treatments such as elevation, rest, ice and wearing compression socks all help, getting to the root of the problem can stop that need altogether. End the problem proactively before it gets to that point.

Go to West Florida Vein Center and request a Vein Screening. This is the first step in getting on the road to leg health. Once diagnosed West Florida Vein Center’s Vein Specialists can recommend the right treatments for your particular case. Customizing the plan to give you the very best outcome possible.

Stop leg pain, varicose and spider veins in their tracks before it is too late. Life is meant to be lived in health and with mobility. Living in pain isn’t necessary, nor is hiding your legs from the world during warm summer months.

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