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spider veinsIf your mother and grandmother had varicose or spider veins you may be wondering if you are destined for the same. Spider veins are a cosmetic annoyance. They can pop up anywhere on the leg and even arms and facial areas. While heredity does predispose you to develop them there are a number of other factors that come in to play. Genetics alone won’t guarantee the arrival of vein issues.

What Causes Spider Veins to Form?

Spider veins are tiny surface veins that have an excess of blood flowing through them. The result is enlarged vessels and eventually leakage which is then what becomes visible. Spider veins can be singular (just one little wiggly line) or a conglomerate of veins forming the spider web type shape that they are named for).

How Genes Come Into Play

There does appear to be a hereditary link. This means that if your predecessors had significant spider veins, you are more likely to have them to. It is thought that weaker veins are the link and as a weak cellular structure they are more likely to be damaged. If you do have spider veins in your family, you can take precautionary steps to prevent them before they start.

Additional Factors

Outside of genetics, there are a number of other factors that can lead to spider veins forming.

-Trauma – injuries to superficial veins can make them visible

-Hormones – fluctuations in pregnancy and menopause can affect vein health

-Weight – Excess weight adds pressure to veins.

-Birth control pill use – creates hormonal fluctuations much like pregnancy and can have an effect on veins.

-Sun – especially if you are fair skinned sun exposure can damage vein health as well.

-Age – spider veins are much more common in the over-50 set

-Gender – spider veins are more prevalent among women though men do get them too.

-Standing – standing long hours puts you at higher risk.

-Being Sedentary – Make sure you get regular exercise and stretch every couple of hours if working at a desk.

Prevention Tips

-Walk daily to keep your calf muscles and your veins in top shape

-Maintain your weight

-If you sit or stand most of the day, take frequent breaks to exercise your legs

-Elevate your legs

-Wear compression stockings to help the blood flow properly

If you do develop spider or varicose veins there are wonderful treatment options available that deliver great results.

Chat with your Vein Specialist at West Florida Vein Center or call 727-712-3233 and schedule your appointment for a vein screening to get started. We can then determine the best course of treatment based on your individual health.

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