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varicose veinsMost of us equate older age with the presence of varicose veins but are well all doomed to have those little purple squiggles on our legs in our golden years?

The truth is that vein issues have more to do with genetics and overall wellness than your actual age in years. As we grow older maintenance is important. Keeping yourself on a balanced diet, living a healthy lifestyle and keeping your weight in check. Make sure to keep movement a part of your daily routine in order to keep your cardiovascular system in tip-top shape.

When blood flow is working properly and your veins are all healthy, no varicose or spider veins will form. It is fully possible to live to a ripe old age and never have an issue with your veins at all.

In both conditions (Varicose and Spider veins), it is the weakening of the vein walls that causes the pooling and visible enlargement. Once damage has been done in order to get back to health your damaged vein areas will need to be repaired by a Vein Specialist. Left untreated it can lead to aching legs, swelling, and pain. Over time it can lead to further complications such as ulcerations and loss of feeling and skin quality.

Other factors that come into play besides age and genetics:

Leg Trauma – injury to an area of the leg can damage veins leading to wearing down of the vein wall cells and over time may cause venous insufficiency.

Family History – Half of all patients who develop vein issues have other family members who also have previously experienced it as well.

Weight – Keeping your weight in check is important for your circulatory health. Additional pressure on the veins can cause issues including high blood pressure, heart disease, and vein issues.

Gender – Pregnancy, menopause, and puberty as well as birth control pill use, –  It’s a lot of hormonal changes for a body to go through over the years. Hormone changes can also become a contributing factor.

The sooner you see a Vein Specialist talk about options when it comes to restoring your vein health the better the outcome is likely to be. If you have vein issues currently, don’t wait. Give West Florida Vein a call today by dialing 727-712-3233 or visiting

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