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strokeVeins are the transport system for blood for your entire body.

Your circulatory system includes your brain. If you have venous disease it puts you at risk for DVT, Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clots) which can break free no matter where they form and move through your body landing in your brain (causing a stroke), in your heart (causing a heart attack) or even in your lungs (causing pulmonary embolism).

Defining stroke
What happens during a stroke? In order for your brain to function properly, it needs a continuous supply of oxygen. It obtains that oxygen from your blood. When that flow is disrupted, the oxygen supply and all of the nutrients it is carrying are cut off. When deprived of the nutrients that are needed, brain cells die, and, the longer the oxygen supply is cut off, the more severe and permanent the damage. While prompt medical care is always important for any condition, it can be particularly so for stroke victims.


Treat Vein Disease and Lower Your Risk of Stroke
Once your doctor has a better understanding of the condition of your veins, they can make further recommendations for treatment, if necessary. While the presence of vein disease is only one of many factors that can lead to stroke, the proper treatment of this condition can help to lower the risk of having a stroke later in life. You should always begin by visiting a Vein Specialist for a vein screening to determine if varicose veins or venous insufficiency is present and to assess your risk for deep vein thrombosis.

While you can treat existing veins through a wide range of minimally invasive treatments, you can also take action now through simple lifestyle choices in order to reduce your future risk of stroke and other complications. These can include maintaining a healthy diet and weight, not smoking cigarettes, staying active and getting frequent exercise, keeping the legs and feet elevated when resting or sitting, and wearing compression stockings in order to improve blood flow.

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