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orthoticsWhile mostly you hear about elevation, ice, and compression stockings, one of the most often overlooked noninvasive treatments for the pain of varicose veins is the creation and use of customized orthotics.

While we cannot guarantee that these inserts will clear your vein deficiency or lessen the visibility of varicose veins what they can do make standing and walking far less painful and more comfortable.

Why Orthotics?

Orthotics give your arch support in not just one, but three areas in the foot. They are used to balance body weight evenly. They can even help to straighten your gate. Proper body mechanics in movement when walking keeps you in alignment helping to prevent undue wear and tear on the entire body.

The feet are very often the cause of bad body mechanics. Being off balance or flat-footed can add pressure to the leg and the veins of the leg. If these veins are already deficient or diseased walking off balanced can make the discomfort experienced amplified.

Where to get Orthotics

High-quality orthotics are not the ones you see in the Walgreens or CVS. While those machines give you a slightly customized choice between 3-4 different supports that is not what we mean by custom.

They need to be ordered by your family doctor, podiatrist, or chiropractor. Depending on the company from which they are ordered, the orthotics can be formed by using step in boxes that cast your feet in a sand-like substance that holds form or by use of foot scanner which will measure the pressure points and arches in your feet.

They can be specially made for specific use in running and walking shoes, dress shoes and even sandals and can be easily moved from one pair to the next. They simply slide in and out of each shoe.

It is recommended when you get your first pair to wear them for 1 hour at first to allow your feet and legs to get used to them. From there try 2-3 hours, and then you can move on to a full day. If you go to fast you may end up feeling like you did a massive leg day work out at the gym as it uses muscles you may not have activated in a while.

Orthotics, as well as compression stockings, ice, rest and elevation all, can help with varicose vein issues. They can help to regulate the blood flow and alleviate the pain. In order to correct the damage done and rid yourself of the damaged veins, a consultation with a Vein Specialist is needed.

If you have vein issues and are in the Tampa, Florida area, give us a call at The West Florida Vein Center. (727) 712-3233 www.westlforidaveincenter.com.

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