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vein health tampa floridaWhen you have varicose and or spider veins it can alter your style of dress. Varicose veins automatically attract the eye and let’s be honest, for most of us, that is far from the first thing we want people to notice about us.

Varicose veins are red or bluish in color, bumpy, twisted, and rope-like. They can be painful as well as visually distracting. Because they are so noticeable most people choose to wear clothes that cover them. Living in a tropical climate, that’s less than ideal on a comfort level.

On the opposite side of this not only do your veins affect the way you dress the way you dress can also affect your veins. Clothing choice alone will not cause venous insufficiency (vein disease) but it sure can contribute to discomfort on a daily basis.

Problem Clothing

The #1 offender? You guessed it – High Heels.

Women love high heels because it makes your legs look more shapely. They are simply a sexy shoe. Men for the most part agree. The problem with them is that walking and standing in high heels changes the natural motion of your legs and feet. Heels shift your weight from the calves into the toes instead.

Because your calf doesn’t move correctly it won’t pump the blood the way it should. It can cause pooling in varicose veins. The higher the heel, the more exaggerated the difference between natural and forced movement.

Vein specialists, as well as Podiatrists, recommend keeping heels low and only wearing them during special occasions. If you wear stockings with your heels, it is also advisable to wear compression stockings. Compression stockings can help ease the symptoms of venous insufficiency and are nearly indistinguishable from regular stockings.

Tight Fitting Clothing

Good thing the 80’s are over. The skin-tight jeans may have looked amazing on some, but they sure didn’t do anyone’s circulation any favors. It may seem contradictory that compression stockings are recommended for those with venous disease, and yet tight clothing can contribute to vein issues. Compression stockings were designed to apply certain levels of compression to the legs and feet, wearing tight clothes will not have the same benefit. Clothes that are tight around the legs and waist, can have detrimental effects on the veins long term.

Vein Positive Choices

Compression stockings type of hosiery designed specifically to prevent varicose veins from forming as well as help halt the progression of already present varicose veins from getting worse. Constructed to compress the legs in specific ways and locations, compression stockings can greatly relieve venous pressure along with much of the discomfort that comes as a result.

Comfortable Shoes and Orthotics

Wearing comfortable footwear can help align and support the entire body. Along with that having custom orthotics made to slide into your shoes can help take pressure off of your legs and feet.

For more information on venous insufficiency treatments and home remedies for pain or discomfort associated with varicose veins, or to discuss whether or not a compression stockings prescription is right for you, contact Dr. Zuzga of West Florida Vein Center today at (727) 712-3233.

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