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varicose veins tampaVaricose veins are often thought of as a visual nuisance. They are considered unattractive and most who present symptoms of venous insufficiency will do their very best to dress accordingly to hide them. They are thought of in this manner primarily because, in the majority of cases, there may be no pain. To most people, the absence of pain means its not a legitimate medical issue. That is simply not the case.

While symptoms will vary from patient to patient, varicose veins are a sign that your circulatory system is in distress. Seeking professional help from a Vein Specialist as soon as they begin to appear will save you possible pain down the road as well as help to stop them from spreading and becoming more of an issue.

Signs you are developing varicose veins:

  • You can see veins that were once hidden
  • Veins look twisted, swollen, and may bulge
  • Veins are dark purplish blue
  • Your legs may ache
  • Your legs may feel heavy, especially at night or right after a workout
  • If you happen to cut the affected area its harder than usual to stop the bleeding
  • You may experience lipodermatosclerosis – The fat under the skin above the ankle becomes hard
  • Your ankles may become swollen
  • Spider veins (telangiectasia) may also begin to appear
  • Discoloration may present – skin becomes shiny – brownish or blue in color
  • You may develop eczema on the affected area. It will become red, itchy, and dry
  • Leg cramps upon standing may be experienced
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (twitching of the legs while trying to sleep) may begin
  • Irregular white patches that look like scars may appear near the ankle (Atrophie Blanche)

Because blood flow is inhibited you may also run a risk of complications.

  • Complications can include:
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Chronic venous insufficiency (it is often mistakenly believed that this is the same as varicose veins. In cases of chronic venous insufficiency, the skin does not exchange nutrients, oxygen, or waste products with blood properly due to weak blood flow. Chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins are two different entities that are closely related.
  • Those who present with chronic insufficiency are likely to develop varicose eczema as well as venous ulcerations.

It is important to get a medical evaluation for signs of chronic venous insufficiency and symptoms of varicose veins. If you are in the Tampa Bay Florida area and would like to get a professional opinion as well as a proposed treatment plan to get you in the best possible vascular health call Dr. Zuzga of The West Florida Vein Center today at (727) 712-3233.

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