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alcohol and varicose veins tampa safety harbor

alcohol and varicose veins tampa safety harborMany people are predisposed to alcoholism due to family history and genetics.

The one habit that will help your body the most is to stop drinking alcohol at least on a regular basis. Excessive consumption can have a negative effect on your entire circulatory system. We have all seen it in the faces of serious hardcore lifetime drinkers. The broken capillaries and swelling nasal features, its a telltale sign of the consumption of too much alcohol over time.

If you know that risk runs in your family, your best option is to avoid it altogether. Other risk factors for vein disease besides alcohol can include poor diet, sedentary activity level, and holding on to extra weight especially in the midsection.

All of these factors can be addressed and helped through planning with your physician and lifestyle change. When people think diet they look at the food they are consuming and sometimes fail to look at what they are drinking as well. Alcohol should be an occasional indulgence at best when it comes to your health. Alcohol is actually poison. Your body just is able to filter it in small quantities via the kidneys and liver.

As varicose veins are a defective circulatory condition, and that alcohol affects blood circulation it should be no surprise that the two are interrelated.

The blood flowing through the legs pumps back up to the heart through a series of one-way valves that open in the direction of the heart and close immediately after the blood has passed through.  Ideally preventing any backflow of blood from occurring. When leg vein valves are damaged or aged they are unable to prevent an unhealthy backflow of blood, causing pressure to build up in the leg veins and resulting in the swollen, bulging, and enlarged appearance associated with varicose veins.

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When alcohol is consumed it increases the heart rate and blood pressure. This forces the veins to work harder. It has a direct effect on the liver which is responsible for filtering blood. When the liver is damaged it becomes unable to properly filter the blood of waste and toxins. The result is a thickening of the blood making it even harder for those already delicate veins to do their job and varicose veins a far more likely outcome.

Dr. Zuzga of the West Florida Vein Center is certainly not going to advise you that you should never drink alcohol even socially, he will inform you that it would be wise to refrain from or limit alcoholic beverages if varicose veins are already present or if you have other risk factors for vein disease.

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