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varicose veins west florida vein center dr. zuzgaEveryone gets an occasional ache or pain. If that pain persists or keeps reoccurring after a period of time it really is a good idea to get it checked out. Pain is a warning signal from your body that something is wrong. Ignoring it is very much akin to ignoring the check engine light in your car. It may run ok for a while longer, but eventually, it may break down, leaving you stranded.

While of course there are other things that may go wrong with the human body, vein issues are prevalent here in society in 2019. Things like smoking and obesity are at epidemic proportions in America and both weigh heavily on our circulatory system. These two factors along with genetics, pregnancy, and lifestyle can play into the development of venous insufficiency.

Varicose and spider veins are visible results. While they may look unsightly the real problem is the underlying pain and discomfort the accompanies. Aching, painful legs that need to be elevated and iced in order to get some relief. If left untreated small areas and problems can grow and spread making your legs look and feel worse over time.

Varicose veins are damaged veins. They are no longer healthy and able to easily transport blood throughout your body. The blood then may pool inside of the vein, twisting and contorting it, making it bubble outwards uncomfortably. Without treatment, varicose veins will not heal and become worse over the course of your lifetime.

The good news is that by visiting a vein specialist and getting a proper diagnosis you can easily be recommended a course of treatment that can dissolve damaged veins and re-route the blood to healthy veins allowing your legs proper circulation which alleviates the pain.

Take the first step today and give the West Florida Vein Center a call at (727) 712-3233 or visit online at www.westfloridaveincenter.com. Dr. Mark Zuzga looks forward to helping you achieve vein health once again.

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