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varicose veins tampa flWhen a patient decides to undergo any type of medical procedure it is important that they have all of the information. This includes what to expect post-procedure. Though the vein treatment may take only a few minutes, your body will need some additional care and rest afterward.

Every person recovers at a slightly different rate. Your own recovery time may vary. This is based on the average experience of all of our patients.

What to Expect

Your leg(s) may feel slightly sore or stiff for the first couple of weeks. We are happy to prescribe pain medication to manage this. Your legs in the areas they worked on may be slightly bruised.

Please continue to wear tight compression dressings for the first 3 days post-surgery. If you have stitches they will dissolve on their own or your doctor will let you know they need to be removed if non-dissolvable within 14 days.

Make sure to rest for 3 to 7 days. Veins removed will be immediately non-visible. Those injected will take time to fully dissolve and disappear from sight.

Caring for Yourself at Home

  1. Get enough rest/sleep
  2. Your doctor may limit activity for a few days
  3. Walk a little more each day
  4. Avoid strenuous activities
  5. Prop your legs up on a pillow many times throughout the day
  6. Do not drive until you are given the go-ahead
  7. You may shower after the compression dressing comes off. Please do not take a bath for the first two weeks.
  8. Take all medicine as directed
  9. Ice and elevate. 10-20 minutes at a time place an icepack on the leg worked on.
  10. Be sure to follow up with your physician as directed for the very best outcome.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call and ask, that is what we are here for during your recovery. Ready to take back your leg and circulatory health? Call us to schedule an appointment today: (727) 712-3233.

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