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birth contol pills varicose veins

birth contol pills varicose veinsAs a younger woman who is concerned with being proactive in her reproductive health many turn to the good old standard of taking the birth control pill. It is highly effective and easy to take.

Every pill pack comes with an insert of information not just on how to take it correctly but also containing possible non desired effects of the pill short term and over time. The fact is, almost no one reads the insert.

We all tend to operate with blinders on. We are there for a specific reason and that reason only is what we focus on.

Birth control methods containing estrogen boost the risk of blood clots (thrombosis) because they change the body’s balance of clotting factors produced in the liver. These synthetic hormonal shifts can contribute to the onset of spider and varicose veins. These can both painful and unsightly. When they first begin to form you may not see them visually right way but rather feel ad odd tingle, itch, or ache in your legs.

The Department of Community Medicine and general practice at the Radford Infirmary, Oxford, did a study linking oral contraceptives and venous issues.  Those with the highest risk also had other factors such as genetic predisposition, excess weight, smokers, reduced circulation or high blood pressure. The statistics are limited to those currently using these medications. The risk is unrelated to the duration of use and ceases at the end of use.

If you happen to fall into any of the categories mentioned you may want to choose a non-hormonal method of birth control.

Naturally occurring estrogen and progesterone have positive effects on the circulatory system. During menopause, these levels drop and fluctuate causing an array of issues from mood swings to hot flashes. Some women choose to be put on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). In the case of menopause, the synthetic hormones may actually lessen the likely chances of developing venous insufficiency.

Other signs of vein issues may be forming:

  • An aching pain that may get worse after extended periods of standing or sitting
  • Swelling
  • Heaviness in the legs
  • Throbbing
  • Cramping
  • Rash or itchiness
  • Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms
  • Excessive clotting during menstruation

The majority of women taking estrogen won’t experience any issues but it always helps to be informed and stay alert when it comes to health.

If you experience any of these symptoms and are on hormone-based birth control or are undergoing hormone replacement therapy, please consult your physician or contact us.

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