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spider veins facial dr. mark zuzgaWe all love clear smooth skin. Our complexion is our mask that we show the world. As we age sometimes spider veins start to appear. They stick out like a sore thumb and can be hard if not impossible to cover with makeup, and of course, if you are a man, makeup isn’t even an option.

Broken capillaries (spider veins) can appear almost anywhere on the body but are most often found on the legs or secondarily the face. Leg vein issues can cause pain. Facial veins usually are painless, but they are visibly noticeable and can cause self-esteem issues. They will not diminish or fade over time and are not correctable without medical intervention. The longer you wait and the worse they get, the less of a chance of correction you will have.

The very best advice is to stop them before they start. Treat your body right.

Be Careful with Your Skin

Injury which causes trauma to the skin can be the start of facial spider veins. This can include sun damage. Wearing a natural SPF 30 or above is recommended daily, especially in the strong Florida sun. The minute capillaries in the face are very delicate. Even scrubbing too hard can cause them to expand and possibly rupture. Bruises on the face can often cause vein issues that don’t go away with the fading bruise. These spider vein bruises will not heal without laser treatments.

Avoid Frequent Alcohol Consumption

People who have problems with alcohol will also often have accompanying problems with spider veins. Excess drinking over long periods can lead to hypertension. Hypertension dilates the veins in the body and visibly on the face. Many years of alcohol abuse can cause this dilation to remain open and even lock in place, causing irreversible damage to the fragile vascular network of the face. Because of the extent of the damage often taking place, it is sometimes not treatable after a point.

Genetics and Aging

Aging is inevitable. Having a family history containing spider veins cannot be changed. It is, however, important to be aware of how they may affect you as you get older. Conditions like rosacea are passed down through generations, so your chances of having rosacea are far greater if even one of your parents has suffered from it in the past.

The presence of these conditions will only become visible as you age. This is due to a thinning of the skin over time. It’s important to know whether your family history makes you more prone to facial spider veins, as this knowledge can make you more careful in your proactive health.

Once spider veins have made begun to surface, the patient is more often than not left with irreversible damage that can affect both their comfort and their confidence.

When it comes to spider veins, prevention is certainly key, and though some risk factors are unpreventable, make sure that you are taking steps today to preserve your vein health for tomorrow, and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come. Talk to the Vein Specialists at The West Florida Vein Center in Safety Harbor, Florida Tampa Bay, Florida. Dr. Mark Zuzga can help! (727) 712-3233

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