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microphlebectomy west florida vein centerWhat IS Microphlebectomy?
Micro means small. Phlebectomy literally means the removal of veins.

The microphlebectomy procedure removes large bulging varicose veins that look like twisting ropes under the skin on your legs. This procedure has been used to replace the older version which was ambulatory phlebectomy. The microphlebectomy is much preferred as it leaves no scarring.

The Procedure

The technique involves numbing the skin and tissues around the veins. A very small incision or puncture is made. The vein is grasped by a very small hook and simply extracted from the incision. After the numbing, the only thing you feel is some tugging. Most of our patients say that the procedure is painless. They feel the injection of the anesthetic but it numbs almost instantly. You will not feel the removal.

At Home Care After the Procedure

Once home you need to keep your legs elevated for several hours. Bandages and compression garments are applied following the procedure. These compression garments need to be worn for 48 hours. Total rest for the first 24 hours and then you may resume normal nonstrenuous activity.  Over the counter pain relievers are recommended.

The Advantages of Microphlebectomy

Pinpoint holes only. No stitching required and no scars resulting. 

Does not leave a brown stain that may take months to go away.

Does not leave a large firm red tender knot at the site (phlebitis).

It is important to note that most insurance companies will cover microphlebectomy as a secondary procedure after the underlying saphenous vein reflux has been corrected.

If you believe microphlebectomy may be right for you, ask Dr. Zuzga. Schedule your appointment today by calling 727-712-3233. www.westfloridaveincenter.com

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