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varicose veins treatment tampa west florida vein centerNo one wants varicose veins. They are visually distracting and can be downright painful. They are also a potential indicating factor of a deeper more serious underlying case of venous disease.

When small veins begin to form on your legs its easy to dismiss as “Oh, I am just getting older.” But the truth is veins appearing above or through the skin isn’t a normal sign of aging. It’s a sign of insufficiency in blood flow which could mean vein disease.

Let’s take a look at the reasons varicose veins form and what we can do to lessen your chances of developing them over time.

Reason 1. Sedentary Lifestyle – Your veins purpose is to transport blood back to the heart and lungs after use in organs. If you’re not moving much, your circulation is slowed. As as result clogs can develop inside of veins. Over time this can cause damage and breakdown. Best recommendation is more movement. 20 to 30 minutes a day of cardiovascular activity is ideal. Walk when you can, take the stairs, get up and stretch, just move more.

Reason 2. Pregnancy for women and weight gain for men – extra weight ads pressure to the lower extremities. Even if you are pregnant its important to remain active and exercise.

Reason 3. Long Standing Periods – too much time spent on your feet can cause the blood to gather in the lower parts of the body rather than flow back upwards as intended. Wear comfortable shoes. Take sit breaks when possible, and put your legs up – elevated, in the evenings. While sitting do gentle stretches to encourage blood flow.

Reason 4. Deteriorating Vein Walls & Weakening Valves – Chronic Venous Insufficiency can lead to weaker vein walls. If they are weak and thin, they cannot carry the blood efficiently. When valves stop working the blood gathers, stuck where it is.  Pooling blood can cause veins to twist and become varicose.

Reason 5. Phlebitis – Phlebitis happens when an injury occurs to the veins. The result is a swollen damaged vein much like a regular varicose vein but can signal a more profound problem. Whether the problem is phlebitis or regular varicose veins, a healthy lifestyle and changes are the best way to deal with the problem. Removing saturated fats and salty foods, exercising regularly and relieving stress are ways to improve your veins.

Reason 6. Constipation – Constipation can lead to excess pressure and bring on hemorrhoids (localized varicose veins in the anus). These can be very painful. Eating a diet fiber rich can help ease pressure on these sensitive veins.

Reason 7. Genetics – If someone in your immediate family has varicose veins your chances of developing them are exponential. The better shape you keep yourself in as you age the less your veins have a chance to incur damage.

Reason 8. Shoe Choice (wearing high heels) – We all love the way they look… but they are a nightmare for your feet and your circulatory system. The best advice is keep the heels in the closet except for special occasions and nights out.

Reason 9. Smoking – As if there aren’t enough reasons to quit, smoking can encourage vein damage and bring on varicose and spider veins because they can narrow the pathways. Cigarettes have also been shown to lead to cancer.

Reason 10. Hormonal Birth Control Pills – While all patients are told the dangers and possible side effects of birth control pills, younger women tend to overlook them in lieu of the obvious benefits. The fact is that these pills can make more work for your veins and can lead to swelling and even discoloration and the onset of varicose veins.

If you are beginning to notice vein issues now is the time to come see us. At the West Florida Vein Center of Safety Harbor, Florida Tampa Bay area we treat all kinds of vein issues. Our best advice is that it is never too early to start treatment. The sooner you catch the beginnings of vein disease the better your outcome!
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