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tampa vein specialist Dr. Zuzga west fl vein centerMost people decide they want to lose weight at some point during their life, but when it comes to venous insufficiency, losing weight can actually save your health. If left untreated, venous insufficiency can lead to deep vein thrombosis, which can in turn become deadly if blood clots form, break off, and travel to the heart or lungs.

Losing excess weight and keeping it off is often easier said than done. We wanted to help by passing along a few things you can do daily to help the process along and keep you in good health.

Walk. Exercise can be hard, especially if you’re overweight or not in great health to begin with, but simply making the choice to walk to nearby places instead of driving can make a difference. When presented with the choice to take an elevator, opt for stairs instead. Every step counts!

Exercise. Exercise doesn’t always have to be boring and it certainly doesn’t have to be routine – in fact, it can be so fun that you forget you’re exercising at all. Simply do physical activities that you also happen to enjoy, such as kayaking, biking, or dancing, and you’ll feel healthier and happier at the same time.

Find healthy substitutes. One of the hardest parts of dieting can be giving up some of your favorite foods, but there is generally a healthy equivalent for everything. If you have a sweet tooth, for example, try trading in your bag of candy or slice of cake for a tasty fruit salad instead.

Hydrate. Drinking water can help keep your appetite under control and doesn’t contain all the harmful sugar and calories found in soda and artificially sweetened fruit juices. Not only that, it also keeps your mouth busy and your mind distracted, as well as allowing you to stay physically active longer during exercise.

Work in smaller portions. If you’re used to eating many meals or a high-calorie diet, cutting back drastically and immediately can be difficult and extremely unhealthy. Remember to take your time and work yourself down slowly so that your body can adjust along with you.

Limit Alcohol. While research has shown that red wine can be healthy when drank in moderation, when abused it never does anyone any good, especially if that person is trying to lose weight and get in shape. Add to this that many alcoholic beverages contain high levels of sugar and empty calories, and it’s easy to see why.

Keep your mind occupied. Too often, binge eating occurs as a result of boredom – people eat simply because there is nothing else to do or they need to keep their hands and mouths busy while watching TV. Keeping yourself occupied can not only ensure you get enough physical activity but can also eliminate those idle moments when you might be tempted to eat simply to alleviate boredom.

Develop a routine. Keeping an exercise and diet regimen on track can be a difficult task. For many it can be helpful to establish clear rules and routines, such as eating meals at the same times each day or not allowing certain foods in the house.

Get friends and family to join in. Even if your exercise or diet companions aren’t affected by varicose veins, getting healthy and in shape never hurt anyone. Working together towards a goal will help you stay motivated, and who knows, they may thank you for it later on.

Patience. Remember, changes to your body and health won’t happen overnight, and you are unlikely to notice a change in the physical appearance of your varicose veins without additional medical treatments. But if you give it time and stay on track, you are almost guaranteed to feel better and healthier in the long run.

If you’d like more information about how to manage your weight as it pertains to your varicose veins and venous insufficiency, or to learn more about other lifestyle choices you can make to prevent such conditions, schedule an appointment with Dr. Zuzga, D.O. of West Florida Vein Center today by calling (727) 712-3233.


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