The Top Reasons to Wear Compression Stockings for Vein Issues

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compression stockings west florida vein center

compression stockings west florida vein center

When paired with a treatment plan from a qualified physician such as Dr. Mark Zuzga, D.O. of the West Florida Vein Center in Safety Harbor, Florida compression stockings can be an effective way to counter the damaging effects of elevated pressure in the veins, helping to improve circulation.

Wearing compression stockings helps to:

Promote circulation – lymphatic and blood fluids are being directed and helped to pump into the correct places in the body improving circulation.

Promotes a feeling of comfortability – Helps reduce swelling and therefore pain in the legs leading to a more comfortable day even if you are sitting or standing in excess.

Reduces swelling – the pressure helps carry away fluid build up from the affected areas giving relief.

Helps treat Venous Disorders – compression stockings when worn regularly can help to decrease the appearance of varicose and spider veins on your skin.

If you have varicose or spider veins you have damaged valves inside of the veins in your legs. These valves when working properly assist the blood in moving forward through the loop throughout your body and back to your heart.  When they do not work properly some of the blood will reverse and go the wrong way back down towards your feet. This leads to pooling and results in stretching of the veins and even twisting which you see in the case of varicose veins.

This leads to pain, swelling, and RLS. It can even lead to ulcerations and blood clots.

What the compression stockings do fairly effectively is to help support the damaged vein areas. They allow them to be in a state of rigidness they cannot fully hold on their own any longer. Because of this it can help alleviate pain and issues associated with vein issues.

The best answer is to come in for a consultation so we can get you the right treatment for your personal situation.  Give us a call at 727-712-3233 today to reserve your spot. 


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