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Venous reflux disease west florida vein center

Venous reflux disease west florida vein centerVenous reflux disease is a condition that is degenerative and refers to the leaking damaged valves in the leg veins. A reflux may occur (a reversal of blood flow) deep in the leg veins or even in the more superficial. This condition is best caught and treated early as it worsens over time.

Venous insufficiency has 5 stages.

  1. Spider veins (small surface level tiny veins that are visible to the eye.)
  2. Varicose veins (larger deeper veins of the legs)
  3. Venous nodes
  4. Chronic venous insufficiency
  5. Thophic Ulcers or Varicose eczema

Venous reflux disease is also sometimes called Venous Stasis or Venous incompetence. Normally all veins push and pump blood in one direction, back to the heart. When valves become damaged, they can leak allowing blood to flow backwards towards the feet. This is what is known as reflux.

It can cause blood to pool in the lower legs which at first bulges the veins (creates varicose veins) and eventually can lead to ulcerations which are often difficult to heal.

Symptoms other than visual can include: Restless leg syndrome, ankle swelling, leg fatigue, leg heaviness, leg pain, inflammation (Phlebitis), and nighttime leg cramps. Skin changes may also take place. Darkening of the skin on spots on the legs can indicate a major problem with the venous circulatory system.

Skin can become dry and itchy (eczema). That is the precursor to ulcerations so watch closely and please see your local vein specialist.

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