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The basics of vein disease and varicose vein health are plastered all over the internet. The same information regurgitated in many different forms. Today we wanted to step away from the norm and share with you some out of the box info you don’t find just everywhere.

Here are some interesting facts you may not have heard about varicose veins.

west florida vein center Safety Harbor FLThe first recorded medical case of varicose veins dates all the way back to 86 B.C. Claus Marius, a Roman general, is described in texts as having had this condition. He as subjected to archaic surgical techniques to try and find some relief. They were unfortunately for him, unsuccessful.

Support hose/compression socks cannot correct vein damage. They can, however, help circulation and support your legs perhaps staving off new occurrences or spreading. They can make your legs feel less tired throughout the day.

Men also get varicose veins. It is estimated that roughly 30% of the male population will experience vein issues.

Varicocoele – This is a classification of varicose veins that only men can develop. It occurs in the left testicle. It causes discomfort to varying degrees. While there is nothing you can really do preventatively if symptoms do present warm baths and supportive underwear can help ease the sensation.

Certain Foods can make your damaged veins feel worse. Sugar and elevated levels of Vitamin C are to be avoided. What is recommended is a diet low in salt and high in fiber.

No one wants to develop varicose veins. They are primarily a genetic predisposition and how you live and your lifestyle can also affect the health of your circulatory system. Smoking, pregnancy, excessive alcohol use, carrying excess weight, standing all day, or wearing very tight clothing including high heels can nudge your body towards vein disease development.

Be kind to your body. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Eat a meal rich in healthy natural foods including vegetables and fruits and steer clear of sugars and processed foods. If you do notice vein issues developing seek the help of a qualified Vein Specialist immediately. The longer you wait the more extensive the treatment.

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