Beach Season in Florida is Approaching. Now is the Time to Get the Legs You Have Been Dreaming Of.

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beach season west florida vein center

beach season west florida vein centerSummer is just around the bend.

Warm balmy days in the tropics with temperatures nearing 100 degrees. White sand beaches, warm blue Gulf waters, golden rays of sunshine beaming down. This is paradise.

This beautiful weather and mind-blowing surroundings are wonderful if you are able to comfortably hit the beach and just toss on a bathing suit and a pair of shorts or a wrap. If you deal with varicose or spider leg veins your experience may be quite different.

If you have venous issues, you are not alone.

Millions of Americans develop varicose or spider veins within their lifetimes. They can range from a mere visual nuisance to downright painful. Edema (swelling) can occur, itchy skin, ulcerations, pooling and twisting in the veins leading to breakdown, aching legs, ankles, knees and feet may become problematic.

Thankfully with medical technology having advanced to the point that it has in 2021 at The West Florida Vein Center of Safety Harbor Florida Dr. Mark Zuzga, D.O. has the knowledge, education, experience, and skill to safely and effectively treat vein problems banishing damaged veins from your legs and restoring health.

When you come in for a consultation Dr. Zuzga will evaluate you on your current physical condition and symptoms as well as take a thorough medical history. He will then put together a proposed course of treatment detailing what he feels is the best way forward.

At that time, you can decide together what is right for you and get you scheduled in so that you are able to heal and hit the beach in short order. Downtime is minimal, treatments are virtually painless, and all are done on an outpatient basis with insurance covering the majority of cases as medically necessary.

Are you ready to look and feel your best?
Give the office of Dr. Mark Zuzga, D.O. a call today at 727-712-3233. Visit us online to learn more

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