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vein treatment west florida vein center mark zuzgaIf you have noticed veins in your legs becoming visible over time creating small purple, blue, or reddish lines in your legs you are very likely a candidate for Venous Therapy.

Varicose and spider veins form due to Vein Disease (Venous insufficiency). This condition happens when vein walls become weak due to genetics, lifestyle, or other factors. As they progress in deterioration, they become more elastic allowing copious amounts of blood in at once, more than the regular flow. The problem is that they are no longer strong enough to push the blood through efficiently. It can begin to pool and the pressure from that stagnation pushes the walls outwards. It can make them bulge and twist and contort.

This condition can range from mild discomfort – odd sensations, itching, and tired feeling legs to downright painful. Aching at night keeping you up and causing exhaustion after a long day of work either standing or sitting.

The visual presentation can vary from small spider veins that are barely visible to very gnarled thick deeper veins which can push up through the surface of the skin marring your legs with dark purple wiggly streaks of color.

Varicose veins when left untreated almost always worsen over time. The very best time to seek the help of a professional Vein Specialist is as soon as you begin to see vein issues present.

No matter what symptoms you are presenting if your legs are a growing concern to you, they are important to us. We invite you to visit The West Florida Vein Center of Safety Harbor for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Zuzga, D.O.

We have offices conveniently located in Safety Harbor as well as Largo, Florida. Give us a call today at 727-712-3233 to schedule your consultation and get yourself back to enjoying life.


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