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West florida vein center aching legs

West florida vein center aching legsHow are your legs feeling?

Health is an interesting subject and one all of us approach a little differently. Some people react the moment something feels off google searching, asking friends, and making doctor appointments, while others push off possible symptoms, ignoring them and moving on with life.

Neither is right nor wrong, just how we approach things.

The issue when it comes to Venous Disease (Vein Disease) is that, as many other conditions tend to be, they grow over time. Ignoring the signs won’t make it more livable or make it go away.

Venous insufficiency though mainly thought of as cosmetic by the general public because it can be so visible, is an underlying circulatory disease which can have dramatically negative effects on your health over time if ignored.

The fact is that many of the signs will be felt before they are seen.

Here is a good basic checklist. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, ongoing it would be a wise idea to get checked out by a Vein Specialist such as Dr. Mark Zuzga, D.O. of the West Florida Vein Center in Safety Harbor/Tampa, Florida.

Fatigued Legs – You may experience an overall sense of your legs feeling exhausted. It gets stronger throughout the day peaking at bedtime. Aching and throbbing are also common.

Restless Leg Syndrome – Your legs may twitch or move on their own especially when trying to sleep at night.

Cramping – Frequent and uncomfortable cramping sensations in the legs causing them to freeze up.

Burning and itching – skin sensation discomfort with no obvious cause.

Swelling – Edema especially around your ankles and feet that gets worse over the day.

Visible purple, blue, or red veins – By this point you do have some level of insufficiency going on. What you are seeing is the damage made visible.

Skin discolorations – as blood leaks from damaged veins you may get pooling.

Lesions that may or may not heal – if you have ulcerations there is no time to wait. Please seek professional help as they can get infected and lead to larger problems.

You also may develop blood clots known as DVT’s (Deep Vein Thrombosis). They form in the legs but they can break free and move throughout the body to the brain (causing stroke), to the heart (causing heart attack), or to the lungs (causing a pulmonary embolism). All can result in permanent damage and even death.

We want the best for you and your health. Most procedures are covered by your insurance so call us today at 727-712-3233 or visit www.westfloridaveincenter.com to learn more about our practice.



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