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Many people mistakenly believe that once varicose veins start coming in that it. There is nothing that can be done and they resign themselves to the idea of living in long pants even in the hot Florida summers.

Vein issues are not simply a cosmetic nuisance. They are in fact Venous Disease. A variosed vein is a vein that has a damaged wall and can no longer healthfully support the transfer and movement of blood throughout your circulatory system. As the vein becomes more and more damaged, the blood stretches the walls, sometimes even breaking them. The blood pools, twists, and pushes out of shape the original vein structure.

This can cause tenderness, pain, heat, swelling, edema, and achy, itchy legs if left untreated can even become ulcerated and hard to heal.

There is no reason to allow the condition to progress to the point where you are in pain. We specialize in the care of veins here at the West Florida Vein Center. Dr. Mark Zuzga, D.O. is a top expert in his field and truly cares about each and every one of his patients.

We want to see you thrive with healthy happy legs able to live life on your own terms with nothing holding you back. If you are dealing with vein issues or even just at the point where you are beginning to notice a stray visible vein line here and there please come see us. We are covered under most insurance plans and treatment such as Sclerotherapy gives you visible results while you watch!

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is just one of many treatments that we offer at the West Florida Vein Center of Safety Harbor, Florida. Sclerotherapy involves the injection, via a very fine needle, of a solution into small to medium varicose veins and spider veins. The solution causes the veins to shrink, close off and gradually disappear. Pain is described as minimal, if any and there is almost no down time.

While this is not our video it is a wonderful representation of how sclerotherapy works, close up.

Give the office a call at 727-712-3233 or visit to schedule your consultation and treatment planning.

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No one needs to suffer from untreated varicose vein disease anymore. In addition, with today's favorable insurance coverage, the procedures are even more accessible. If you have a vein problem, you need Dr. Zuzga and West Florida Vein Center!


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