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vein health west florida vein center safety harbor floridaWhile natural cures really don’t fully seem to work to cure vein disease which produce the resulting symptom of varicose and spider veins there are some at home things you can do proactively to help keep your already healthy veins in good shape throughout the years.

We so often focus in our blog series on problem and resulting solution that today we wanted to take a step back and offer some advice and support to those who have not yet had to suffer with venous insufficiency and possibly help stave off that experience.

  1. Stay hydrated: dehydration can lead directly to vein damage in your circulatory system all the way up to your heart muscle. It is a key factor in the development of vein damage. By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already in a deficit.
  2. Eat a fiber rich diet: fiber rich foods prevent plaque build up inside the arteries and veins. They improve cholesterol and prevent non necessary clotting. Fiber rich foods include Strawberries, avocados, raspberries, apples, bananas, carrots, broccoli, artichokes, Brussel sprouts, lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, quinoa, oats, popcorn, chia seeds, almonds. the list goes on.
  3. Avoid Smoking: cigarettes cause your blood vessels and veins to narrow over time making the blood pump harder raising your blood pressure. High blood pressure can do damage to all the organs in your body and help bring on or exacerbate vein disease.
  4. Workout regularly: get that blood pumping! The more you use your veins in a healthy way the better off they will be. Strong veins resist damage.
  5. Sitting or standing excessively: No matter which position your career puts you in, take breaks either sit for a while or get up, move, walk, and stretch. Stagnation can lead to pooling and other issues.
  6. Herbal helpers: Plant based supplementation can help keep veins strong as well – spicy foods like cayenne pepper and other hot peppers are very good for your circulation, ginko biloba, Horse chestnut, grape seed extract, chromium, butcher’s broom, and even vinpocetine.

If you do see or feel what you suspect to be varicose or spider veins beginning to form on your legs, there is never a better time to get them checked out than right now. The earlier you catch vein damage the easier it is to treat.

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