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Americans are obsessed with shoes. We love style and own multiple pairs in order to match our ever-growing wardrobes. Form may be initially valued over function, but when you have leg pain or foot pain, choosing the correct foot ware becomes vital.

Venous insufficiency affects millions of people worldwide. It can cause leg swelling, heaviness, and pain making standing and walking a problem. One of the most doctor asked questions is “What types of shoes can I wear to help my legs feel better?”

Many women love high heels. The drawback of wearing this style of shoe is that it stabilizes the calf muscle which does not allow it to assist in pumping the blood while walking. When you have varicose veins in your legs those veins need all the help they can get to properly pump the blood through and up to your heart. Additionally, the added pressure of the angle of the foot can cause your posture and gate to be off balance potentially tensing up the entire leg causing more stress and more inflammation, resulting in increased pain.

The better option is to go for a flat soled shoe. Pick pairs with cushion and arch built in to support posture and ankle position. In the cases of vein patients with high or flat arches orthotics may be recommended. They can be custom created to fit the foot enabling the patient the exact right fit for them for optimal walking position and increased blood circulation.

Additional to comfortable foot ware, compression stockings are also suggested. Compression socks and sleeves give overall support to the veins of the leg. Patients who follow these suggestions report less pain, swelling and tiredness at the end of the day.

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