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sclerotherapy West Florida Vein Center Tampa FLoridaAccording to patient reviews on RealSelf.com Sclerotherapy has a 90% patient approval rating over a 24 month period making this procedures rating extremely high in success according to those who have had it performed.

What is Sclerotherapy?

This form of vein treatment involves injecting a solution into the visibly affected veins to be treated. This causes the vein to scar and close which re-routes the blood flow into other healthier veins. The closed damaged veins collapse and reabsorb into the body. This reabsorption causes the veins visibility to fade over time.

Results can be seen within just a few weeks. Single or multiple treatments may be needed to complete the desired result.

Who is a good candidate for sclerotherapy?

Ideal candidates are those with venous insufficiency who have already tried home remedies such as wearing compression stockings, elevation, ice packs, diet changes and rest. Patients also need to be in a healthy weight range for best results as obesity can affect the outcome. The veins you wish to treat are superficial only and 4mm or smaller respond the best to Sclerotherapy treatments.

What is the ideal outcome of this procedure?

Ideally, veins will react to the therapy by dissolving and reabsorbing back into the body for elimination. This will leave the patient with diminished spider veins growing lighter and less visible over time to the point where they are no longer noticeable or there at all.

Vein treatments are not simply cosmetic. Venous insufficiency (vein disease) can be a health risk as well and potentially cause a myriad of health problems down the road if left untreated depending on other factors in the patient’s life and health.

For a proper diagnosis, please call our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark Zuzga.  

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