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Keeping our hands looking good is desired since we see them every day and so do other people. That is why many women, and men, get regular manicures and take care of their hands. But, what if you start showing bulging veins on the backs of your hands. Should you be worried?

Bulging veins on hands are common as we age. Your vein walls break down which causes them to swell. Unless you have pain in these veins, then there is nothing to worry about. It is a natural aging of the body and does not indicate a venous problem.

Bulging veins are also hereditarily linked. A friend the same age as you might not have visible signs of prominent veins on the backs of her hands yet, while you do. Do not feel bad because this comes down to your genes. Look to your mother and sisters to see when they started experiencing visible veins on their hands.

Since your hands are very prominent and can give an indication of your age, the only concern here is purely cosmetic. If these veins are causing you anxiety or low self-esteem, then seeking out a vascular surgeon might be something that you should consider. There are treatments available such as sclerotherapy that can break down the vein and cause it to disappear. Sclerotherapy is a simple injection of a saline solution that causes the bothersome veins to clot which cuts off its blood flow. It eventually becomes absorbed by the body so it is no longer visible.

Do not suffer with feeling ashamed of the veins on your hands. Reach out to those who can help you. The treatment is simple and you will be glad that you did it!

If you are ready to heal your body from vein issues, we would love the chance to work with you. Dr. Mark Zuzga, D.O. of The West Florida Vein Center can be reached at 727-712-3233. www.westfloridaveincenter.com. Schedule your screening today.

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