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During your pregnancy, you will notice many changes to your body. Some are expected, such as a growing belly and weight gain. Some changes are a surprise such as veins becoming noticeable on your body. Do not panic. This is normal and is your body’s way of accommodating the extra blood flow.

The veins that you will most likely notice are the ones on your growing stomach and breasts. They can also be visible on hands and feet as your pregnancy progresses. This is all due to the increased amount of blood flowing through your body that is carrying vital nutrients to your baby. The additional blood flow can be up to 40% more than before you were pregnant, which is a large increase. Thus, your venous system needs to grow with you and your baby to support this large increase in blood circulating through your body. Also, keep in mind that the fairer the skin, the more noticeable the veins will be on your body.

These additional, and noticeable, veins will disappear in the months after you deliver your baby since your body is not in need of them any longer. As your weight decreases, so will the veins. So, they are not a permanent issue or one to worry about.

The condition that you might need to address in the future are possible varicose veins or spider veins that were created due to the weight gain and stress on the veins. They are very common with pregnancy and you shouldn’t be alarmed by acquiring them. Varicose veins are easily corrected through a simple procedure called Sclerotherapy. This procedure injects a foam saline solution into the affected vein, which clots it and, ultimately, the vein disappears.

If your pregnancy has left your body with varicose veins, seek out treatment with Dr. Mark Zuzga & call our office and schedule an appointment. Doing a Vein Screening here at West Florida Vein Center can determine the best remedy to your varicose or spider veins. The earlier you catch and treat any type of venous issue, the better the ultimate results will be.

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