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Varicose Vein Treatment tampa Florida

Varicose Vein Treatment tampa FloridaLook down at your legs for a moment. Are they smooth, supple, and have a nice even coloring without dark purple, red, or bluish markings running through? Do your legs feel good?


Do your legs get easily tired, ache, itch, twitch at night, and visually present with visible raised, knotted, or bumpy veins?

If you answered the latter, you are not alone…

An astounding 40 million Americans suffer from venous insufficiency (also known as vein disease). This is the source of varicose and spider vein formation. Nearly half of that statistic is accounted for in the age group of 50 years old and above. It is estimated that 50% of those over 50 have some level of vein disease.

Despite the prevalence of this condition, little is known about its various aspects throughout the general public. In fact, there are many misconceptions regarding varicose veins.

Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1Varicose veins are a cosmetic problem and pose no threat to your health – Varicose veins may be physically unattractive, but just because they cause cosmetic discomfort, does not make them a strictly cosmetic problem.  Varicose veins can be a sign of much more serious problems, such as Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) which can lead to ulcers and blood clots, among other problems. Early treatment of these conditions can help improve the long-term health of the patient’s veins.

Misconception 2Both spider veins and varicose veins are caused by damaged or leaky valves. While both conditions can be considered cosmetic, the varicose veins are often linked directly to more serious conditions. Spider veins are typically less prominent and appear in vibrant sunburst patterns. Fortunately, both spider and varicose veins can be easily treated.

Misconception 3 – Treatment is too expensive. Many people believe that the cost of treating varicose veins is simply too expensive. However, this is not the case, as these conditions are considered to be serious and can lead to dangerous complications. Most insurance companies will pay for the removal and treatment of these diseased varicose veins. Spider veins run a higher risk of coverage rejection due to the surface nature of the veins themselves. Some insurance companies may deem them elective.

Misconception 4 – You can fully treat vein issues at home with natural remedies. Although there are various treatments available for people with this condition at home, they can still not be completely removed. This is because the natural process of removing the affected veins cannot be reversed once they have been present. However, techniques that can be used to eliminate symptoms can help those who are not yet ready to undergo the procedure.

Tips for maintaining healthy legs and a healthy circulatory system

  • Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine can help improve the appearance of your veins. A healthy lifestyle so can also help prevent you from developing more serious conditions.
  • Avoid wearing high heels excessively and save them for a night out on the town or on special occasions.
  • Drink a gallon of water a day to stay hydrated. Hydration helps your veins move blood throughout the body and support every organ.
  • If you smoke, quit. Smoking can hamper proper vein function in your legs and throughout the entire body.


Congratulations! Reading this article and helping to further educate yourself about varicose veins and venous disease is a good first step toward improving your vein health. For more information about vein disease, treatments, and prevention, please visit Dr. Zuzga at The West Florida Vein Center, with offices in both Clearwater and Safety Harbor for your convenience.

The earlier the intervention and treatment the better the results! Call today and take the first step to feel your best in every way. 727-712-3233.

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