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West Florida Vein Specialist Tampa Safety HarborIf you have developed symptoms of vein disease including spider or varicose veins you may have wondered what you can do about them. We have the answers you have been looking for.

Venous insufficiency (Vein disease) is not simply a cosmetic issue. The damage done to veins gets progressively worse over time and it is a valid medical issue, which means that treatment, in most cases, is covered by your medical insurance.

Thanks to modern medicine there are now several state-of-the-art treatments available to you to help correct blood flow and restore proper circulation. A well-educated experience Vein Specialist can evaluate your circulatory health and devise an active treatment plan for you that can guide you toward the best leg health possible.

Dr. Mark Zuzga, D.O. of The West Florida Vein Center in Safety Harbor, Florida nestled in the Tampa Bay area is one such resource.

These are some of the options which may be included. They may be done individually or in conjunction based on your specific health needs.

The Venefit Procedure

Endovenous Ablation 



All of which can be performed in the office and are same day out patient procedures. Patients report little to no pain and that they are able to return to normal activity in very minimal time often commenting that they “wish they had sought out medical attention sooner.”

If you are ready for relief and are in the Tampa Bay/Safety Harbor area of Florida, we would love to see you in our office for a one-on-one consultation. Visit to learn more or call us at 727-712-3233.

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No one needs to suffer from untreated varicose vein disease anymore. In addition, with today's favorable insurance coverage, the procedures are even more accessible. If you have a vein problem, you need Dr. Zuzga and West Florida Vein Center!


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