Urinating Multiple Times Per Night? It Could be a Vein Issue

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Urinating Multiple Times Per Night? It Could be a Vein Issue

Urinating Multiple Times Per Night? It Could be a Vein IssueHaving to go to the bathroom frequently at night while trying to rest can lead to insomnia and other sleep issues. If it is ongoing on a regular basis, it can be a sign of a serious underlying medical condition, which is why a visit to your physician should be considered. In addition to being a nuisance, nighttime urination can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as fatigue and edema.

During a normal day, you may experience leg dependency (dependent edema), which is a term that applies to swelling that happens in the lower portion of the body when you’re sitting, walking, or standing while your body is in a vertical position. For people with venous insufficiency, this condition can cause hydrostatic pressure, which can cause protein and water to leak into the surrounding tissues.

This is why those who frequently need to go to the bathroom at night often also experience swelling in their ankles and legs. This condition can worsen over time and affect their feet.

The lack of hydrostatic pressure while someone is sleeping at night can trick the kidneys into thinking that there is an increase in fluids in their blood and arteries. After a person’s blood and serum have been filtered through their kidneys, they are then stored in the bladder as urine. This signals the brain to go to the bathroom as the bladder becomes full.

As more fluids accumulate, people with venous insufficiency will often have to go to the bathroom more frequently. They may report going to the restroom as many as six times a night. This leads to no sleep and may in turn create more health issues. If left untreated, venous insufficiency can lead to deep vein thrombosis, which is a type of thrombosis that can cause fatal blood clots.

It’s normal for people to experience a certain small level of swelling or edema in their legs throughout the day. It’s also normal to have to go to the bathroom at night. However, if this condition is happening more frequently, then it might be time to consider if you have venous insufficiency.

Various types of procedures are available today that can be performed to treat venous insufficiency and varicose veins. In addition to being able to eliminate some of the symptoms, certain lifestyle changes can also help decrease discomfort and improve the quality of life for those suffering from these conditions.

If you have noticed a change in your nighttime bathroom habits and have experienced any other symptoms associated with problems in your vein health, then please contact Dr. Zuzga of the West Florida Vein Center by calling (727) 712-3233. www.westfloridaveincenter.com.


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