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Treating Varicose Veins tampa florida west florida vein center

Treating Varicose Veins tampa florida west florida vein centerDo you suspect you might have varicose vein issues? This piece is meant to help guide you.

Understanding Varicose Veins:

Varicose Veins are veins that have been damaged and no longer allow blood to flow properly. They are visible and can be painful.

  • They are also described as bulging or rope-like.
  • Increased pressure within the vein causes enlargement, bulging, and often twisting.
  • When in any upright position gravity draws the blood down causing leg pain.

Regarding Leg Pain

While leg pain (aching, swelling, discomfort) can be caused by a number of factors, venous insufficiency is a good bet and should be checked out.


If your leg pain is due to a condition in your vascular system, it will likely take a Vein Specialist that is experienced in diagnosing and treating the venous system to identify the problem and recommend the proper course of treatment. Left unchecked, it will worsen over time.
Dr. Mark Zuzga, D.O. of The West Florida Vein Center is uniquely equipped for this task. He has spent years both in training and practice working with vein conditions. As an expert in his field, you can rest assured you will be treated with the highest level of care, accurate diagnosis, and the most effective vein treatments from both Dr. Zuzga and his staff.

Sources of leg pain

Varicose veins

Those unsightly, bulging vessels can also be a source of leg pain, such as heaviness and aching at the end of the day.

The good news is that there are many effective treatments available for varicose veins today that do not involve significant discomfort or downtime. The treatments will also relieve painful symptoms associated with varicose veins, often as soon as the procedure is completed.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Chronic venous insufficiency is often the underlying reason why varicose veins form. This condition occurs when small valves inside the vessels become damaged. When this happens, blood can backflow into the blood vessel, leading to weakening and swelling of the vein and eventually, varicosity.


Because CVI affects blood flow, it can also lead to pain, cramping, and fatigued legs at the end of the day.


Symptoms Associated with Varicose Veins

  • Aching heavy legs
  • Tired throbbing legs
  • Leg cramps
  • Burning or stinging sensations
  • Restless leg
  • The pain gets worse as the day progresses
  • Standing and sitting are harder on the legs than walking or laying down
  • Legs may swell (elevation helps)
  • Phlebitis
  • Ulceration
  • Non-healing ulcerations


If you are experiencing symptoms listed above, don’t wait. The sooner you seek a medical evaluation and treatment the better the outcome. Most treatment is covered by insurance.

Our patients at West Florida Vein Center of Safety Harbor often comment that they only wish they had come in sooner.

Get your health back – Call us today  727-712-3233 or visit us online at www.westfloridaveincenter.com and schedule your evaluation.





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