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Scheduled for Microphlebectomy? What You Can Expect

Scheduled for Microphlebectomy? What You Can ExpectThe thought of having surgery can inspire anxious feelings and even fear. With knowledge and understanding of the procedure, however, we have discovered that most people feel somewhat better knowing that these outpatient procedures are quite routine and relatively simple with quick recovery times.

Microphlebectomy is one such procedure that can be approached with confidence and there is no need for nervousness or uncertainty.

Microphlebectomy, also known simply as phlebectomy, is a surgical procedure used for resolving unsightly and unhealthy varicose veins. The word “phlebectomy” means to remove a vein, and that’s exactly what microphlebectomy does.

During a microphlebectomy, your physician will make a series of small incisions, about 2-3mm each, and pull the damaged varicose vein out through the incisions using a special crochet-like hook tool. The varicose vein is interrupted, and any remaining portions of the vein clot off or close up, and you are left bulge-free.

What Can I Expect During A Microphlebectomy?

  1. Patients report little to no pain during the microphlebectomy. The only pain you might feel is a tiny prick when the anesthetic is first injected into the area. After that, the area will be completely numb, so you won’t feel any incisions, nor will you feel the vein being removed.
  2. If the patient is anxious, a mild sedative may be given in order to promote relaxation.
  3. Both topical and local anesthetics are applied to the area before the procedure is started.
  4. After the incisions are closed, the area is wrapped in bandages or covered with compression stockings.  You will be able to walk shortly afterward and will be allowed to leave within an hour after the procedure.
  5. Afterwards, your physician will write you a prescription for painkillers, though most patients report that only over-the-counter strength medications are usually required for comfort.  Normal activities can be resumed within two to three days following the procedure.

Instructions For Recovery

To make sure the recovery process goes smoothly, follow all directions from your physician:

  • When seated or laying down, try to keep your legs elevated whenever possible.
  • Wear compression stockings or bandages as recommended.
  • Avoid exercise and heavy lifting for 1-2 weeks afterwards.
  • Avoid hot environments like saunas and heated pools or baths.
  • Avoid traveling by plane for up to two weeks afterward.
  • Use prescribed medicines only as directed.
  • Take frequent walks to remain active and promote healing.

Microphlebectomy might sound unpleasant or painful, but it’s important to note just how minimally invasive and painless this procedure truly is.

The most important thing is getting your varicose veins taken care of – not only are they unsightly, but they can lead to other potentially life-threatening health conditions as well.

Please schedule your visit with Dr. Zuzga today, to discuss treatment options or any other vein health concerns that you may have. 727-712-3233.


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