Do Not Trust ChatGPT AI for Medical Advice, Ask a Real Doctor

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Do Not Trust ChatGPT AI for Medical Advice, Ask a Real Doctor

Instant Answers May Not Be “The” Answer
Do Not Trust ChatGPT AI for Medical Advice, Ask a Real Doctor
Artificial Intelligence has many uses, but it should not be used to diagnose or treat vein conditions. Instead, seek professional advice from a vein specialist such as Dr. Mark Zuzga, D.O. of The West Florida Vein Center in Safety Harbor & Tampa, Florida.

AI is quickly becoming a buzzword used to describe the technology that enables individuals and organizations to become ultra-productive producing content and deducing outcomes. It is being implemented in just about every field.

Despite the potential of AI in various industries, it should be noted that human judgment is still the most important factor that healthcare professionals should consider when it comes to treating patients.

AI and Healthcare

ChatGPT and similar software systems are known to collect information about a person through a web search of various sources, such as Wikipedia articles and books. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify the information that the bot provides. According to Bern Elliot, a technology consultant, and analyst at Gartner, ChatGPT is a “pinch-of-the-pan” trick that is designed to provide a superficial solution to a problem.

He adds, “It’s something that isn’t actually itself going to solve what people need unless what they need is sort of a distraction.”

ChatGPT’s Varicose Vein Advice Can Be Problematic

To test the chatbot’s advice, we asked it to provide an answer to a question about the treatment of venous insufficiency. The bot provided conflicting answers. It first stated that the most effective treatment for this condition depends on its severity. It also advised avoiding sitting or standing too long and vein stripping as possible solutions.

We spoke to West Florida Vein Center expert Dr. Mark Zuzga, D.O., and asked him if vein stripping is a modern vein treatment option (hint: it’s not).

“Vein stripping was the procedure of choice for years until newer technologies came into play. The newer treatments utilize laser as well as radiofrequency ablation. These updated technologies offer a huge improvement in the overall patient experience. They are performed in an office-based setting, which is much more comfortable for patients. It is a faster procedure, requires no general sedation, uses local numbing only, and offers the patient a speedier recovery.” said Dr. Zuzga.

A Word on AI & Medical Advice

The NIH claims that AI has limited capabilities when it comes to medical education and clinical management. The organization noted that while it can provide various services such as testing and teaching, it cannot and should not be considered a replacement for humans in terms of knowledge and capability.

AI isn’t a replacement for years of expertise in vein health, and it certainly is not a substitute for a medical degree. Trust your health to a (real) vascular expert. Schedule an appointment today! 727-712-3233. Visit to learn more about the practice, Dr. Zuzga, and what we offer.


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