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Vein Complications and their Implications west florida vein

Vein Complications and their Implications

Many people suffer from venous insufficiency, a condition that affects the proper blood flow in the veins. Venous insufficiency affects many people as they age, but the problem can be treated if detected early. When left untreated, venous insufficiency can result in vein complications that can lead to severe discomfort, pain, and other issues. In

Urinating Multiple Times Per Night? It Could be a Vein Issue

Urinating Multiple Times Per Night? It Could be a Vein Issue

Having to go to the bathroom frequently at night while trying to rest can lead to insomnia and other sleep issues. If it is ongoing on a regular basis, it can be a sign of a serious underlying medical condition, which is why a visit to your physician should be considered. In addition to being

West florida vein center aching legs

Early Signs of Vein Problems – How to Recognize Them

How are your legs feeling? Health is an interesting subject and one all of us approach a little differently. Some people react the moment something feels off google searching, asking friends, and making doctor appointments, while others push off possible symptoms, ignoring them and moving on with life. Neither is right nor wrong, just how

dr mark zuzga west florida vein center vein treatment

Eliminate leg pain with a Visit to West Florida Vein Center – A Note from Dr. Zuzga, D.O.

Ready to ditch the pain and move forward? Pain distracts you from life. It can become very difficult to focus or care about much else when you are not feeling well. Leg pain from varicose veins can range from mildly problematic to full out crippling your ability to get through the day. Why live like

Leg Ulcer Florida

Leg Ulcerations in Diabetic Patients

Those who are diabetic need to pay particular attention to their vein health. While venous insufficiency is only one of three causes (the other two being peripheral neuropathy and peripheral arterial occlusive disease) it is a leading reason ulcers begin to form in patients who have diabetes. It’s a fact that nearly one-third of diabetic

can't sleep

How Your Nighttime Urination Could Be Related to Venous Insufficiency

Having to use the bathroom frequently, especially at night when you are trying to rest, can be a hassle in itself. When you consider that frequent nighttime urination is also the sign of a serious underlying medical condition, it can become reason for great concern. Furthermore, nighttime urination is oftentimes not a symptom that appears

Tampa Vein Specialists

No one needs to suffer from untreated varicose vein disease anymore. In addition, with today's favorable insurance coverage, the procedures are even more accessible. If you have a vein problem, you need Dr. Zuzga and West Florida Vein Center!


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